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Anastasia’s of Broome

  Jill Hansen
 Jill Hansen
CLIENT: Jill Hansen
What They Do:

Anastasia’s of Broome sells unique and exquisite jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Located in Broome, Western Australia they have clientele that are local, Australia wide and international.

  • Goals

    Showcase the "affordable" and the "luxurious" both at the same time in an elegant manner online
    Automated supply and update of products being advertised

  • Solutions

    Built high converting website
    Automated product updates with supplier software
    Integrated CRM, supplier software and website to ensure operations involved in taking and delivering orders occured smoothly

  • Results

    Easy to maintain and automated 24x7 online storefront for selling jewellery and accessories
    Easy management of wholesalers and retailers buying from them
    Quick turnaround on requests made for online updates