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Email Marketing
Easily Reach Out to Your Customers Anytime
The main purpose of having an email list is that is gives your business the ability to easily reach out to both current customers and prospective customers at any given moment.

A key part of planning your email marketing campaigns is to structure your messages so that you’re appealing to the right audience. 

Accelerate Business Performance uses direct response marketing principles to help you develop targeted email marketing content that engages your intended audience and compels them to take action.
Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Designed to Enhance Response Rates
Regardless of how well your email content is written, it won’t do your business any good if your customers never actually open your emails.
It all starts with developing your list through lead generation.

The people on your list are eventually going to turn into your paying customers. In order to turn them into paying customers, they must first fit into your target audience. 

They should be interested in the types of products or services you provide and not just be anyone who decides to sign up for your list.

Our team can help you develop list building techniques designed to attract your prospects. 

You can’t be successful if you’re wasting time and money on sending emails to a list that will never buy from you.
It’s also important that every element of your email content must be strategically designed and written to generate a response from the intended receiver. 

This includes the:
  •  Design and layout
  •  Subject line
  •  Content of the email
  •  Signature
  •  Link to the offer presented
  •  P.S.
The email marketing team at Accelerate Business Performance can work with you to develop an email template that will appeal to the reader and enhance your campaign’s effectiveness. We also employ our copywriting services to develop email content that starts with a compelling subject line to entice the recipient to open the email.

In order to generate the best response from your audience, we work with you to gain a deep understanding of your target customer. This helps us to create email messages that appeal to them and encourages readership. 

Part of this research also involves matching the messaging to the offer within the email. By reviewing your site or landing page, you can assure your customers of how you can solve their problems by creating a uniform message across all channels. Doing this enhances your conversion rates and helps to keep readers engaged with your business.
Contact Accelerate Business Performance today for a free consultation.
Email Analytics Without the Confusion
Analyzing email campaigns can be daunting especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the terminology involved. That’s why our team provides you with reporting that explains terms like click-thru and open rates in an easy-to-understand format. You will have a full understanding of the email marketing strategy we develop for you and how it works to help you boost revenue.
At Accelerate Business Performance, we understand that email marketing is one of the best methods to have an ongoing conversation with people interested in your products and services. This starts will lead generation to create an email list that will generate sales. With your email list, we compile data about your audience in order to segment your content based on a variety of factors including:
  •  Location
  •  Interests
  •  Types of products or services they buy
  •  Industry
  • Age
  •  Company information
Even if you already have an existing email campaign strategy, we have the tools and expertise to help you improve response rates. We take the time to perform research and analysis so your email marketing efforts effectively reach your customers.
We also provide you with the option to embed specific images or video messaging to further enhance your response rates.

These elements help to give you the option to create a more enhanced, personalized message for your customers without the need to write lengthy emails that may never get read.

Part of our email analytics services include performing A/B or split testing. We can test elements like:
  •  Variations of different subject lines
  •  Time/day of email delivery
  •  Various types of offers
  •  Graphic designs and layout
  •  Segmenting groups of people within your list
We use your split test results to improve your existing campaigns and strengthen your future campaigns. We will report results to you after each campaign is sent along with a detailed review and analysis.
Does Your Business Need Help With Its Email Marketing Strategy?
If you haven’t developed an email marketing strategy for your business, you’re missing one of the best ways to have ongoing communication with your audience. And if your existing email campaigns are delivering lackluster results, it’s time to do something different.

Accelerate Business Performance can help you develop an email marketing strategy that utilizes direct response marketing strategies and is built around your specific business goals. Not only does this help you to reach those goals but it also works to strengthen and enhance your relationship with your audience.
Contact us today for a free email marketing consultation.
Contact Accelerate Business Performance today for a free consultation.
We understand your business is unique and the only way to truly grow your business online is to create a custom strategy, specific to your online business needs.
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