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When we consult with our clients, a question we often ask is “How are you planning to grow your business to the next level?” and almost always we’ve had the exact same answer, “By increasing our leads and sales, of course.”

That simple assumption is the typical way most businesses operate, especially small businesses.

While this way of thinking is almost always wrong, the real trouble is you can easily get distracted from the real goals you’re after…

* increased profits and
* more control over your business and life

So when we consult with your business, we help rewire your thinking, draw your focus on the real goals and create a plan which will deliver the results you are looking for.

You see we believe by brainstorming, visualizing and creating your strategy and plan of attack, you know exactly what “assets” you need to put in place and how they will help you achieve your goals.

Once you have your plan of attack and your assets in place, you can easily plan for contingencies should they occur as you actualize your plans and realize your goals.

To come up with your strategy and plan of attack we first of all go through our proprietary 5-Step Business Growth System called the “BISMI Model” with your business.

“So what is the “BISMI Model”?”

Well I’m glad you asked.

Here is a very brief overview…

“BISMI Model” – The 5 Step Business Growth System

Phase – 1 Brand Personality

Here’s the first lesson you need to learn when getting into business. This is the simplest and most profound principle of business. Yet more often than not, it is the most common one that gets ignored.

“People do business with people they know, like and trust”

Business is still and will always be based on relationship and connection. It’s when people like and trust you, they decide to purchase the products and services you present to them.

So in this phase, we take the time to understand…

  • who you are,
  • what is the vision, mission, and goals of your organization,
  • what are your core values,
  • what your business represents and
  • how you stand out from your competition

This phase is critical for us to know your story so we can use our skills and knowledge to help you work out your business and marketing plan and strategy.

Phase – 2 Ideal Avatars

In this phase, we sit down and work out exactly what your ideal target audience looks like.

Now, you may have single or multiple types of customers. Either way we sit down and work out with you exactly who you are targeting.

So information like…

  • where they live
  • what age group they fall in
  • what is their relationship status
  • what income level do they fall in
  • etc

…will be worked out during this phase.

By doing this, we get a good understanding of your market and the potential you have in growing and scaling your business.

Phase – 3 Solutions Knowledge

Now that we have a clear understanding of your brand personality and your ideal avatars, we take the time to understand your products and services.

You see, we look at your products and services as “solutions”to your market’s needs. So when we learn about your products and services, we are looking to understand how they meet the needs of your market.

We also take the time to understand how your market perceives the solutions you provide. This is KEY, as knowing this tells us how easily accepted your solutions will be accepted by your audience.

Once we’ve defined where you stand in the market, we then look at factors such as how the solution is delivered, the amount of profit you make from each sale, the lifetime value of your customers, the number of repeat purchases you expect etc.


Phase – 4 Media Channels

OK, so the first 3 phases was focused on getting a complete understanding of your business, your target audience and the solutions you provide.

Now comes the phase where we determine how to best get to your target audience.

In this age of multi-device users, it has never been more important to have an integrated approach when getting in touch with your users.

Depending on the stage of their relationship with you, how you interact with them will vary.
Just to be clear, here are the seven stages of relationship with your target audience…

1. I don’t know who you are
2. I know of you
3. I know you
4. I like you
5. I trust you
6. I love your work
7. I’ll tell the world about you

Don’t worry, we’ll explain all this when we consult with you. All you need to know for now is in this phase, we work with you on determining what the best media channels are to interact and engage with your prospects and customers in the various stages of their relationship with you.

Once this is done, we then work out exactly what assets you need in place to reach out to your target audience.

Phase – 5 Integrated Systems

This is the final phase in which we put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We line up all the assets and media channels we worked out in phase 4 and begin to build out our integrated system.

Here is where you will see all the work done in the past phases actually come together.

You will suddenly see how all the different components connect with each other and building out in front of your eyes will be an integrated, automated and reliable system you can use to grow your business.

Once we take you through the “BISMI Model” – The 5 Step Business Growth System, you will have a clear roadmap of how to get to the goals you are looking to achieve and the assets you need in place to make your goals a reality.

After that, it’s all about EXECUTION and ANALYSIS!

As you begin creating your assets and implementing the tasks at hand, we will help you overcome roadblocks and constantly monitor and analyse the progress made.

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