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Mobile App Building and Marketing

Connect Your Business With the World At the Touch of a Button

Mobile devices have forever changed the way customers connect with your business.

Constant connection with the internet gives them 24/7 access to your products and services. With a mobile app, you can give them that access at the touch of a button.

Accelerate Business Performance specializes in mobile app development so your business is directly connected to your customers at all times.

Mobile App Development Tailored for Your Business

We take the time to go through a step-by-step process with you so we can create a mobile app that is easy-to-use and functional for your customers.

It’s essential that once customers click on your app that they have instant access to the features they need to connect with your business. If they can’t do that, your app will be useless.

That’s why we first take a look at what function your app will accomplish.

  • How will it make things easier for your customer to connect with you?
  • How is it going to make their lives easier?
  • What information does it provide to your customers?
  • Why will they want to use it?

Once we establish your app’s function, we construct a storyboard for the app, what features it will have, and how it connects with certain aspects of your business. This helps us to see its main functions and how best to build your app’s structure.

Then we start the research phase of developing your mobile app so your customers have the best user experience possible.

We take a look at:

  • Existing apps that offer similar features
  • Best design options for your app
  • Technical requirements needed to make your app fully functional
  • Incorporating direct response marketing strategies for overall enhancement

Given the large amount of apps available, it’s much easier to build upon something already in existence. Your first priority is to provide your customers with an app that gives the user exactly what they’re looking for.

The mobile web development team at Accelerate Business Performance will also look at any apps your competition has built. It can provide insight into any mistakes they’ve made or key features that may be missing from their app.

Once we compile all of this information, it’s time to create a wireframe for your app. Doing so will help us to:

  • View each screen within the app
  • Determine how each screen connects with other screens
  • Visualize how customers will navigate through the app
  • Identify the exact technical requirements needed

Testing, Developing and Releasing Your Business Mobile App

Building a mobile app for your business may seem like it requires a lot of steps but they’re all necessary for the ultimate user experience.

Your customers will most likely use your app because they need something from your business in that instant. We go through an extensive testing and developing phase to ensure your app delivers exactly what your customers need when they need it.

Our mobile app development team will perform an initial test to identify any problems and obtain feedback from test users. This will help them to correct any flaws and incorporate user suggestions prior to final production.

Once your app is finalized and all graphics and content are in place, we perform another test before your app goes live. You will then be able to see exactly how your app will function for your customers. Any errors or glitches are fixed and now you’re ready for your app to go live!

Making Customers Aware of Your Mobile App

As we start building your app, we’re also looking at how to develop your mobile app marketing strategy.

Here we need to start thinking about:

  • What devices your app will be available on
  • Will your app have an exclusive name
  • Will your app be free, will it have ads, or will you charge a fee to download it
  • What does your app offer that your competitors don’t
  • What app marketplaces you need to apply for
  • How you will tell customers your app is available

It’s important that these points are not considered at the last minute as you will want them in place once your app is finalized. At Accelerate Business Performance, our mobile app development team will start looking at your marketing strategy once your app is in development and utilize direct response marketing tactics for the best possible results.

Part of your mobile app marketing strategy will involve deciding on your release date. Knowing this will help us to know when to:

  • Develop a press kit
  • Announce the release to your customers
  • Complete app marketplace applications and set up

After your mobile app is released, our work isn’t done.

We will want to pay attention to reviews and comments made in regards to your app. Are there features that aren’t working the way customers need them to? Are features not being used at all? How often are customers using the app?

A mobile app will require updates just like any other software and knowing these facts can help us when that time comes. The best mobile app provides the best customer experience. Our goal is to constantly strive to make yours the best on the market.

Your Mobile App Development Specialists

By providing your customers with a mobile app, your business can easily reach a wider audience directly through their mobile device. It also gives you an advantage over your competition with our expert mobile app building services.

If you would like to learn more about how our specialized team can help develop a mobile app for your business, contact us today for a free consultation.