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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising Solutions For Your Business

A variety of online advertising methods are available to help your business enhance its online presence. Some of these methods won’t cost you any money upfront but they will cost you in your time to implement them. Not only that but it can take a significant amount of time for those strategies to be effective.

While your online marketing strategy should involve both free and paid advertising methods, the quickest way to see success is through paid strategies. However, if you’re not implementing them correctly, not only will your campaigns be ineffective but they could end up having a major impact on your budget.

The team of paid advertising experts at Accelerate Business Performance can create effective paid advertising campaigns that also strive to keep your costs at or below budget.

Why is Pay Per Click Advertising Important to Your Business?

Accelerate Business Performance can perform comprehensive research that will result in relevant keywords for your business that will attract your target audience. We can then use those keywords along with direct response marketing techniques throughout your online content and specifically in your PPC ads to generate traffic.

We will create your PPC campaigns so that your ads only target a specific customer base interested in what your business has to offer. This involves segmenting the audience based on:

  • Geographic location
  • Time of day the ad is shown
  • Days in the week that the ad is shown
  • Complete cost per click analysis

Part of developing your paid advertising campaign involves learning as much as possible about your business through online market research and competitor analysis. We also review your business goals, your budget, and your prospective customers. Obtaining this information helps us to analyze any existing paid advertising campaigns and strengthen future online advertising efforts.

Our team will modify your existing campaigns and then track results to analyze performance. We also provide ongoing keyword research and results analysis to ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Which PPC Platforms Are Best for Your Business?

PPC advertising gives your business a major advantage over many other advertising methods as it is so flexible. You can easily change your ad’s message in seconds in order to enhance results.

We can change your PPC ads and the new ad will be viewed by your customers instantly.

This is true whether you use traditional PPC platforms like Google AdWords or Bing Ads or you use Facebook or Twitter ads.

The specific platforms you use will depend on your business and the purpose behind your campaign.

We create your ads with compelling and creative content that is designed to attract your prospects as well as to get them to respond. Throughout this process, we also employ A/B or split testing so that your campaigns remain effective and competitive.

While Google Ads are a very popular option, it’s important not to rule placing PPC ads within social media platforms. These platforms have already collected a vast amount of data on audiences and provide additional options to target your audience.

With a pay per click campaign, it’s best to start slow so you can analyze results and not waste money. We can help you determine which aspects of your ads are working so you can focus on them to create an overall effective campaign that works within your budget.

Does Your Business Need Help With Its PPC Campaign?

Accelerate Business Performance has an expert team of online advertising specialists who are fully knowledgeable in direct response marketing.

They will work with you to develop your PPC advertising campaign to achieve the best possible response and help you to determine the best platforms for your business or industry.

We can assist you to create the content for your campaigns along with our SEO and SMM services. Don’t leave your PPC campaigns to chance and end up spending more money than you should on ineffective campaigns.

Let us work with you to develop a paid advertising campaign that will attract your target audience based on our keyword research and market analysis. We will also put methods in place to ensure your campaigns don’t exceed your advertising budget.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free consultation to show you how to create an effective PPC advertising campaign.