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Membership Portals
Create a Site That Caters to Your Most Loyal Customers
Having a membership portal exclusively for your loyal customers can be a lucrative opportunity for your business.

Regardless of what type of business you have, you may want to consider offering this option to your clientele. It will allow you to have a direct line of contact with customers already interested in your business and you’ll earn income every month from subscribers. 

Accelerate Business Performance can work with you to create a membership site designed to attract your target audience and keep them as loyal subscribers.
How Your Membership Portal Can Help You Enhance Sales
In addition to the monthly income you’ll receive from those who subscribe to your membership site, you can also use this platform to boost sales.

Customers who have signed up for membership on your site are already invested in your business. They are paying a monthly fee to be a part of your business and what your products or services have to offer. Your membership site is the perfect place for your business to:
  •  Gather feedback on your current line of products or services
  •  Test new lines of products or services
  •  Learn more about the types of problems you can solve for customers
  •  Gain insight on why customers chose your business over your competition
Where else could you have access to this valuable information? Instead of taking the time and money to uncover this much about your customers, they come directly to you and you actually get paid for it! 

More importantly, your business provides a valuable service to your most loyal customers through this type of portal. 

Accelerate Business Performance’s expert team can create a fully functional membership site that gives your customers a place to interact on a regular basis with your business. Our team also uses direct response marketing tools to ensure your site entices people to take action and stay engaged.
Key Elements For a Successful Membership Site
If you think your type of business isn’t suited for a membership site, you may want to reconsider. After all, your most loyal customers will be interested in having a way to connect with your business. Maybe you offer digital products and your customers want to have to access their purchases all in one place. If you offer services, you can include informational webinars, training sessions, or consultory services on your membership site.

One thing your site must have is a constant stream of information. Your content must speak directly to your audience, be of value to them, and not be accessible anywhere else. This is key to both attracting new subscribers and keeping existing ones intact.

As part of our membership portal services, Accelerate Business Performance will help you create the type of content your audience craves. 
This includes:
  •  Linking to live seminars or webinars
  •  Contact forms where members can submit questions
  •  Links to private social media groups for members only
  •  Forums to encourage interaction between members
We will also help you connect your members with:
  •  Linking to live seminars or webinars
  •  Links to their purchases and any included bonus features
  •  FAQ sections or forums where they ask questions during normal business hours
  •  Account management so they can update payment details or make changes to their profile
Contact Accelerate Business Performance today for a free consultation.
On a membership site, it’s crucial to supply your members with every bit of information and tools they need in an easy-to-use format. It’s also important for you to engage with them on the site so they feel like they have “special” access to you and your business. Overall, your site should offer a high level of satisfaction to them so they feel it’s worth it to them to keep subscribing every month.
Our team will work with you to learn about your audience and what types of content will be most important to them. Along with the content you provide with your site, we also recommend that you find ways to have live interaction with your audience. This could be in the form of:
  •  Live training or webinar sessions
  •  Individualized consultations
  •  Monthly Q & A sessions
  •  Group events or contests
  •  Exclusive introductions to new products or services.
The more you interact with your members and provide valuable information, the more successful your membership site will be.
Let Us Build The Perfect Customer Portal for Your Business
At Accelerate Business Performance, we know what having a successful customer portal in place can mean to the success of your business. It is the best way to stay connected with your customers and easily provide them with a high value level of services.

Don’t dismiss how having a membership site could fit your business until you talk with us. We can help you determine if this is something your customers would be interested in and what types of content it would require to attract them to subscribe. 

Contact us today for a free consultation on how a membership portal can help easily boost your sales.
Contact Accelerate Business Performance today for a free consultation.
We understand your business is unique and the only way to truly grow your business online is to create a custom strategy, specific to your online business needs.
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