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Video Marketing
Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy
Are you including video content as part of your overall content strategy?

If you are, you should plan on continuing and increasing video marketing as part of your strategy. If you aren’t, you could be missing out on a huge potential to reach your target audience. 

In the coming years, video is expected to account for over half of all consumer internet traffic. If you’ve only produced a few videos or none at all, you’re putting your business at a major disadvantage. 

Accelerate Business Performance specializes in helping businesses to incorporate video marketing into their campaigns along with direct response marketing strategies for enhanced customer reach.
Why Video Content is Important to Your Success
As a business owner, you most likely realize the importance of having a content marketing strategy. But what most businesses fail to understand is what types of content should be included within that strategy.

One of the types of content that is an absolute necessity nowadays is video. Mobile devices are a part of our everyday lives. People use them to communicate, work, as well as for entertainment purposes (or watching videos) throughout the day. This makes those devices a direct gateway to your prospective customers. There’s truly no reason why you would want to leave video out of your content strategy. 

YouTube is run by Google and that translates into a huge reach for your business. It’s estimated that YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visitors every month. That’s more than any other platform that exists with the exception of Facebook. So it goes without saying that if your business doesn’t have a YouTube channel, you’re missing out on reaching a major portion of your audience.

At Accelerate Business Performance, we work with you to develop a video content strategy that’s focused on reaching your audience. 
We also show you how to incorporate conversion tactics so that your campaign works to enhance your success.

If you’re worried about the expense of creating videos as a part of your campaign, you don’t need to. Video marketing doesn’t cost as much as it used to and it’s simply something your business needs in this digital age. 

In reality, your business can’t afford not to do it or you risk losing out on reaching a ton of potential customers.
Why Customers Love Video
Who doesn’t love a great story?

The fact is that your customers want to be entertained. With video, you get to show your target audience your story or message instead of simply telling them. Video allows for more creativity, visual stimulation and overall fun with imagery and storytelling. 

When you combine the popularity of YouTube with people’s preference for watching videos, you have the magic formula for a successful marketing strategy.

Did you know:
  •  Over 6 billion hours or more of video are watched on You Tube every month
  •  Over 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  •  Mobile devices make up a significant amount of YouTube’s global watching time
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With these stats, your video content has a considerable chance of going viral. The team at Accelerate Business Performance can help you develop your content so it works to engage your customers and has instant appeal.

Not only is YouTube popular but it’s global. Your video marketing content has the potential to reach a huge audience with very few limitations, if any. 

Another great aspect of video content is that it can be placed numerous places in addition to YouTube, including:
  •  Your website
  •  Landing pages
  •  Email marketing
  •  Social media platforms and Blogs
What’s also nice about including video in your marketing campaigns is that it’s flexible. Your videos can be under a minute, 10 minutes or more, or anywhere in between. You also have many options when it comes to the actual content. Your video can involve live action, images and graphics, the newly popular white-board animation, or a combination of elements.

We will work with you to determine what you should include in your video to attract your target audience. We also take a look at what your competition is doing to make sure we’re using similar techniques and strategies in order to attract prospects in your niche. This includes incorporating search engine optimization and conversion methods to ensure your videos are viewed by as many prospective customers as possible.
Your Video Content Marketing Specialists
When you include video as part of your overall marketing campaigns, you give your business the best chance for exposure to your audience.

Avoid mismatching your video content with the other platforms in your strategy or you run the risk of confusing your prospects. When you hire us to help you with your video content, we make sure your videos match with all of the other elements in your campaign and incorporate proven direct response marketing tactics. 

Once you’ve uploaded your videos to take advantage of the reach of YouTube advertising, we also help you analyze the results. This helps you track the success of your campaign and helps you create more effective campaigns in the future.
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We understand your business is unique and the only way to truly grow your business online is to create a custom strategy, specific to your online business needs.
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