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Website Conversion
Website Conversion Turns Prospects Into Customers
If you work hard to drive prospects to your site, blog, social media or other online content, your business must also work hard to convert those prospects into paying customers.
Accelerate Business Performance uses the most proven direct response marketing methods to optimize sites so that your efforts to drive traffic aren’t wasted. We work directly with you to create the best strategy for your business. This involves evaluating some key indicators, including:
  •  How long are customers staying on your site?
  •  Are your prospective customers leaving your site before buying anything?
  •  Do customers start to shop but end up leaving without making a purchase?
  •  Does your site have the right graphics, designs, images along with effective calls to action on every page to enhance your conversion rate?
After we determine the answers to these questions, we use the information to develop a website conversion strategy designed to get site visitors to take action. 

Even though the best scenario would be to turn prospects into actual customers, you most likely have other actions for them to take. 

This could include:
  •  Filling out a survey or customer contact form
  •  Signing up for your monthly newsletter
  •  Downloading a free report or tip sheet
  •  Following you on social media
  •  Reading your latest blog post
Without website conversion optimization, you could be left wondering what your site visitors are doing on your site. By employing these techniques, we can optimize your site so that your prospects are guided into taking action for maximum results.

We use methods such as split testing to determine what attracts your audience the most so you can drive them to do exactly what you want them to. This helps your business to build an online platform that is increasingly relevant to your audience and enhances their interaction with your business. It also works to create a level of trust and credibility with your business, which will also strengthen your relationship with them.
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Using Analytics to Increase Conversion Optimization
In addition to our strategic website conversion services, Accelerate Business Performance utilizes analytics techniques to further optimize your site and overall online marketing campaign. Combining these two powerful methods helps to attract your target audience and maximize how well your site performs.

Your website requires much more than simply creating and building content. If you don’t do anything to improve how it interacts with your audience, it could end up being a waste of time.
 A website can’t do all of the work by itself, you have to analyze, test, and constantly make improvements to maximize its overall online performance.

Our professional team of website analysts will determine what specific elements are needed so that once visitors arrive on your site, your business will have the perfect opportunity to engage them. This includes elements such as:
  •  Implementing analytical methods like Google Analytics to monitor site traffic
  •  Content audits to maximize keyword density
  •  Specific pages, content or sections designed to attract select types of customers
  •  A/B, or split testing, for enhanced campaign results
  •  Full analytics reporting so you’re aware of what’s working and how to improve what isn’t
Accelerate Business Performance has access to highly trained analytics professionals who are experts in their field. They will go over your results in extensive detail so there’s no confusion or frustration about how your site is performing. This information we provide to you will also include our suggestions and how to make improvements so your site is working at optimal levels.

We take the time to methodically analyze your data and review with you where improvements are most needed. The reports we provide are easy-to-read and provide you with the details you need to help your business effectively reach out to prospective customers. We customize them according to your specific industry and tailor them based on your online marketing goals. 
The data we gather from these customized reports can also be used as part of your market research strategy. They will also assist you with measuring the performance of each of your campaigns and how your customers behave on your site.
Enhance Your Website Performance Today
At Accelerate Business Performance, we know that simply building a website isn’t enough to attract your target audience. Your entire website’s structure must be strategically planned so that it not only encourages sales but also boosts your online reputation. If you’re interested in converting visitors on your site into paying customers, it’s important to incorporate direct response marketing and conversion optimization techniques as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

You can monitor how traffic arrives on your site and how it affects what visitors are doing once they arrive. This also helps us to ensure each site page entices visitors to take the desired action you want them to.

If you’d like a free consultation on how our website conversion services can enhance your online presence, contact us today to get started.
Contact Accelerate Business Performance today for a free consultation.
We understand your business is unique and the only way to truly grow your business online is to create a custom strategy, specific to your online business needs.
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Accelerate Business Performance    Copyright 2019   |   All Rights Reserved.